Call for Papers 

Call for Papers 

EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the world leading international conference dedicated to SAR techniques, technology and applications.

EUSAR has accompanied the worldwide evolution of high resolution imaging radar, both airborne and spaceborne, and has helped to establish an international
community of SAR engineers and scientists. As in previous years, EUSAR will provide a forum for exchanging information and discussion on a wide variety of SAR topics, representing the latest SAR developments.


Deadline for draft paper submission:

extended to:
12 November 2017

Notification of paper acceptance: 28 January 2018

Deadline for final paper submission
and for authors conference registration:

01 April 2018


04 June 2018

Conference EUSAR 2018:

05 - 07 June 2018

Technical Tour: 08 June 2018


You are cordially invited to participate in EUSAR 2018 to be held in Aachen, Germany.

Conference Topics (download the Call for Papers)


(A) SAR Systems and Sensors
A1 Spaceborne SAR Systems and Missions
A2 Airborne SAR Systems and Missions
A3 Ground-Based SAR
A4 Inverse SAR (ISAR)
A5 SAR System Simulation and Modeling
A6 Next Generation SAR Systems and Missions

(B) SAR Technology and Calibration
B1 Antennas
B2 Components and Subsystems
B3 Technology Demonstrations
B4 Advanced SAR Modes and Techniques
B5 Calibration and Verification

(C) SAR Processing
C1 SAR Image Generation, Motion Compensation,
and Geocoding
C2 ISAR Signal Processing
C3 Image Filtering, Correction, and Enhancement
C5 Interferometry (Cross-Track, Along-Track,
Differential, PS, …)
C6 Tomography, Holography, and 4-D SAR
C7 Advanced Processing Techniques (Compressive
Sensing, Multi-Aperture, MIMO, …)

(D) SAR Data Evaluation and Modeling
D1 Electromagnetic Modeling and Wave Propagation
D2 Polarimetry
D3 Polarimetric Interferometry
D4 Segmentation, Feature Extraction, and Analysis
D5 Image Filtering, Correction and Enhancement
D6 Classification
D7 Product Validation, Data Fusion and Value Adding

(E) SAR Applications
E1 Land Use and Land Cover
E2 Urban Areas
E3 Soil and Vegetation
E4 Maritime and Ocean
E5 Snow, Ice, and Glacier
E6 Topography and Solid Earth
E7 Surveillance, Security, and Disaster
E8 Other Applications

(F) Other SAR Related Subjects


For questions concerning abstracts, papers, conference program, please contact:

Mr. Matthias Weiß
Fraunhofer FHR/PSR
53343 Wachtberg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 228 / 9435-267


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