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CIPS 2012, 6 – 8 March 2012, in Nuremberg / Germany 

Press Release 

7th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems



Higher power efficiency, density, reliability, and lower volume and cost: How to reach these goals and what solutions are feasible? These topics will be discussed at the 7th CIPS Conference by power electronics experts coming from all over the world.

Power electronics will remain a key technology in the years to come: Energy saving to protect our climate can be done only by using power electronics systems. Those systems can be found in electronic ballasts for fluorescent and discharge lamps, in efficient induction cookers and variable frequency motor drives. Especially the production of wind and solar energy without power electronics is not possible. Also the e-mobility relies on efficient and reliable power electronics systems for driving and charging batteries.
Higher efficiencies can be gained by applying system integration based on advanced materials and joining as well as on active and passive components.
Due to improved cooling technologies and reduced use of materials, system costs can be reduced and by applying the “building-in reliability” concept the total system reliability will be improved. Computer aided design and test tools are necessary to achieve a “first right” and robust design.

CIPS 2012 is organized by VDE ETG and ECPE and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE PELS and ZVEI. The conference papers undergo a peer review process which allows their introduction to the IEEE Xplore digital data base.

The Technical Programme Committee selected 85 out of 105 abstracts. 45 of them will be oral and 28 will be poster presentations. The best poster as well as the best young engineer’s presentation will be awarded.

The frame of these presentations is given by three keynote papers and nine invited papers which will provide an overview on the state-of-the-art of the most important topics:

Keynote Papers

  • Extreme Efficiency Power Electronics: Johann W. Kolar, ETH Zurich,  Switzerland
  • Reliability of Power Electronics Under Thermal Loading: Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland, USA
  • SiC Device and Power Module Technologies for Environmentally Friendly Vehicles: Kimimori Hamada, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Invited papers

  • Advanced Cooling for Power Electronics: Sukhvinder Kang, Aavid, USA
  • Analysis of Innovative Packaging Technologies and Trends for Power Modules:  Alexandre Avron, Yole, France
  • Electromagnetic Modeling of EMI Input Filters: Andreas Muesing, Gecko Research GmbH, Switzerland
  • On-chip System Integration: Ashraf Lofti, Enpirion Inc. USA
  • Combined Reliability Testing: An Approach to Ensure Reliability Under Complex Loading Conditions: Olaf Wittler, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany
  • Integrated High Power Modules: C. Mark Johnson, University of  Nottingham, UK
  • SiC and GaN Devices – Competition or Coexistence? Nando Kaminski, University of Bremen, Oliver Hilt, FBI Berlin, Germany
  • Planar Interconnect Technology for Power Module System Integration  Norbert Seliger, University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, Karl Weidner, Siemens CT, Germany
  • Reliability of the Planar Skin Interconnect Technology:
    Uwe Scheuermann, Semikron, Germany


Eckhard Wolfgang
  Hans-Dieter Silber
University of Bremen 
Technical Chairs CIPS 2012



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