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Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks 2017 

Topics of Interest 

Reliable Network Design and Operation

• Traffic engineering for survivability in optical, IP and multi-layer networks
• Robustness of multi-domain networks and protocols
• Resilience in Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
• Resilience in Multilayer and Multi-Domain Network Orchestration
• Reliability aspects of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
• Network dependability in cloud networking
• Dependability of 4G and 5G cellular/mobile networks
• Survivability of converged optical/wireless network architecture for 5G
• Reliability of wireless access and mesh networking
• Survivability in grid and distributed (fog) computing
• Resilience of networked critical infrastructures
• Network resiliency against natural and man-made disasters
• Testbed and field-trials targeting network survivability demonstration

Theory and Modeling

• Network reliability analysis
• Methods for survivable network and systems design, analysis and operation
• Planning and optimization of reliable networks, systems, and services
• Network coding techniques to improve resilience
• Service differentiation based on recovery methods
• Simulation techniques for network resilience

Resilience of Networked Services

• Quality of Experience (QoE) and network service availability assessments
• Reliability requirements and metrics for users, businesses, and the society
• Dependability of networked applications
• Survivability of multimedia networks
• Reliable networks for the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Reliability and resiliency of data center networks
• Recovery of overlay and peer-to-peer networks
• Restoration of services under various types of failures
• Application and service-specific survivability techniques
• Robustness of compound services

Telecommunication Reliability Issues for Government, Enterprises, and Society

• Telecommunication networks as an element of critical infrastructures
• Reliable services for verticals (automotive, smart cities, …)
• Risk and reliability in the Internet and enterprise networks
• Public policy issues for survivability and resilience
• Standardization of network resilience and reliability
• Network resilience combined with economics and commercial issues
• Emergency networks and robustness of smart city infrastructures
• Robust network design for hostile environments
• Security issues in networks and their relation to survivability
• Network dependability and energy consumption trade-offs


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