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EMLC 2016 - Submit your Abstract 

Submit your Abstract 

In order to submit your abstract, please upload it here.


Deadline for abstracts: camera ready April 10th, April 10th, 2016.

For acceptance we need an abstract of two pages which will be included in our  Abstract Booklet.

By submitting an abstract you agree

  • To present your work in person at the conference (compulsory) 
  • Submit a manuscript two weeks after the conference (voluntarily)


In the last years we realized that due to the clearance procedure  some authors had difficulties to submit their manuscript in time.


So this year we defined the following procedure:

  • If you are able to submit your manuscript in time, you are fine. In this case we would like to ask you to submit your manuscript also to the SPIE library.
    Would you please submit your manuscript here.
    Would you please also observe our submission instructions.


  • If you are not able to submit your manuscript in time we would like to ask you to submit your presentation to the VDE/GMM. Only the EMLC2016 conference attendees will have access to these slides.

  • We plan to submit the 3 “Best Papers” to JM3 for review.





The Proceedings of this conference are published in the SPIE Digital Library along with about 450,000 papers from other outstanding conferences, SPIE Journals, and chapters from SPIE Press books.


Important Dates:


  • Submission of Abstract: April 10th, 2016 (compulsory)
  • Submission of Extended Abstract: May 30, 2016 (compulsory)
  • Delivery of presentation slides: June 13th, 2016 (compulsory)
  • Deadline for Submission of Manuscripts, if they are supposed to be submitted to the SPIE library: June 13th, 2016 (voluntarily)




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