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Paper Submission 

Instructions for Authors 


General Policies and Requirements for the submission of Papers

The paper submission procedure will be managed via EDAS (Paper submission management System)

Paper submission procedure
- Logging in to EDAS

- Register your Paper

- Download the copyright form

- Download the telescon 2009 paper template and LaTex Template


Paper formatting guidelines
Abstract Registration: Deadline Dezember 15, 2008.

Authors are requested to submit their paper electronically through the online submission interface  not later than Dezember 15, 2008.

Abstracts must accurately reflect the content of the manuscript. Acceptance will be on technical merit or on special aspects like special situation in a country or of organizing the maintenance of power supply and building services.
The abstract should not be shorter than 250 words and not longer than 500 words. Accepted papers must follow the typing instructions, which can be downloaded from the conference web site: .  

During your paper registration, please ensure that:
- your complete affiliation including your postal address, phone, fax and e-mail is up to date.
- you indicate the paper title including all co-authors.


Final Paper Submission: Deadline February 15, 2009

Manuscripts of accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings. The length of each manuscript must not exceed eight single-spaced type written pages, tables and figures included. Abstracts, manuscripts and oral presentations must be in English. Papers will not be accepted if they include commercial advertising or product endorsements.
Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form only. The accepted electronic file format is Portable Document Format (PDF). When transmitting their paper, authors of accepted papers are considered to have read and accepted the Copyright policy (Copyright Agreement.pdf) .
It is recommended to use the telescon 2009 Paper Template or the LaTex for preparing the manuscript. 

At least one full registration is required per paper. Inclusion of accepted papers in the conference proceedings CD-ROM is conditional upon receiving payment for at least one full registration per paper latest by March 09th, 2009.
The paper must be able to print clearly on standard black-and-white printers. Reviewers will not view your paper in colour, and the final version of all accepted papers will be printed in black-and-white in the conference Proceedings (in colour on the CD's).
Plaese note that we must be able to print your paper once it is submitted. Due to the large variety of systems available for formatting papers and producing PDF files, printing is not always possible for some systems. To maximize the chances that your paper will print correctly, please use only standard printer fonts (e.g., Arial 9pt) or standard TeX Computer Modern fonts. The use of standard printer fonts is strongly preferred over TeX fonts, if possible. (you can download the PDF Creator:   or  the PDF Acrobat Reader ).

Paper submission procedure using EDAS
Logging in to

Using EDAS requires logging in first. If you already have an account, enter your email address (or your numeric EDAS ID#) and password in the fields on the form on the EDAS home page.
If you do not know whether you have an account on this EDAS system, try entering your email address or name. EDAS will check for your account and let you know whether it knows about you.
If you have an account but have forgotten your password, leave the password field blank, and EDAS will mail your password to you.
If you do not yet have an account on the EDAS system, click on the link there to "create your new user account". Fill in the resulting form and then click on the "New User" button there. Mandatory fields are listed in red; optional fields are listed in black. The password for accessing the EDAS system will be sent to you via email. Once you receive your password, you should return to EDAS and log in.


Registering your Paper
After logging in to EDAS [] You will see the web form for registering your paper submission. Fill in the form:
Enter the title and abstract of the paper.
If you are author, please click on "add yourself as author", when not enter the name of the first author,  then later on you will have to add all the co-authors. Enter each author using either their EDAS identifier or their last name. Each author must be registered in EDAS; if an author is not yet registered in EDAS, you will be prompted for the information to register them. You must also select one of the authors to be the correspondence author.
Select the topics from the list of Paper Topics that best classify your paper (1 to 3 selections possible).
Once you have filled in all information for your paper, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of that page. This will show you a page that acknowledges your paper's registration.


For question concerning your paper submission, please contact:

VDE Conference Services
Miss Nina-Sophie Henschel
Stresemannallee 15
60596 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 6308 – 275
Fax: +49 69 9631 – 5213


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