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Web-based Team Work with the VDE Team Server 



The VDE offers password-protected Internet teamsites for team or committee work.

The following brief instructions describe how you can quickly and easily use the teamsites for your work.

Below is a sample home page of a teamsite:

Teamsite screenshot

System requirements

Minimal configuration for standard users:

  • Any browser as of Generation 6 with activated Javascript;
  • Office 2000 or above;
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Recommended configuration for editors who use the system to work on papers:

  • Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • Office 2003, Office XP, Office 2000.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


You will be informed via e-mail regarding the link to your teamsite and your login data. When you click on the link, you will be asked for the following login data:

User name:  <familyname.firstname>
Password:  <membership number or personal number>  

Please enter your login data without using the German Umlaut (ä.ö,ü) or any special characters or signs.
If you have a frequently used name, you can add a number to your first name <family name.first name1> or <familyname.firstname2>.

We recommend that you bookmark your committee Website in your browser so you can later directly access the teamsite.

If you have any questions regarding the login procedure, please contact the VDE office (see below).


Each teamsite has its own search function in the top bar. When you enter a term here, all Office and PDF documents will be searched as well as metadata they contain. If you want to limit your search to your teamsite, use the selection box “This Site: xyz.” You can more precisely define your search criteria in the “Advanced Search” box.

Basic structure

Each committee has a predefined basic structure that contains the following standard “libraries”:

  • Announcements
  • Shared Documents
  • Team Discussion
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Links


  • To add ONE element (item) to the selected library, an “add” function is provided below each heading.
  • To add MULTIPLE elements or folders, or to use additional functions, you can use the left bar to navigate to the desired library or by clicking the library heading. Additional views are offered on the library lists.

Left bar navigation and detailed views of the various libraries

Using the left bar navigation or by clicking the library heading, you arrive at the start page showing details of the various libraries. Within the selected library, you can switch between various views on the left side.

In the detailed view, a drop-down menu provides the columns “Names” or “Titles” linked with the individual libraries. If you navigate with the mouse over these columns, a context menu will be activated and can be opened by clicking on the respective arrow. This enables you to access all available functions – such as Check-in or Check-out – for the element/document.


You can leave e-mail messages regarding changes and updates on the VDE teamsite.

Use the left navigation bar to access the detailed view of the respective library, and then click on  “Actions/Alert Me.”

Libraries: Announcements, Team Discussions, Tasks, Calendar, Links

You can open an element or file in the document library by clicking on the title.

You can add new elements

  • on the home page below the Web title using “Add new ...“ and
  • within the selected library using the “New“ button.
    Attachments can be added by using the “Attach File” button above the entry space for new elements.

Edit and delete
Elements that have already been added can be edited or deleted in two ways:

  • By clicking on the entry and the “Delete Item” function
  • In the detailed view, via the drop-down menu of the respective element.

Library: Shared Documents

Open document or folder
You can open a file or a folder by:

  1. clicking directly on the name of the document or folder or
  2. using a right mouse click to open or save the document or folder in a new window,
  3. or clicking the context menu of the document to “Send to/Download a Copy.”

Please note:

  • Depending on your Office version and your browser, the document opens directly in your application or in your browser.
  • When opening, check the file size: large files need more time to download.

Adding sub files (for editors)
To add a sub file, use the left navigation bar to open a detailed view of the document library and select “New/New Folder.’

Adding documents (for editors)
There are various possibilities for adding single or multiple documents.

Adding a document:

  1. On the home page:
    click “Add new document“.
  2. Menu-based via the left navigation bar to the detailed view:
    click on “Upload/Upload Document’.

Adding multiple documents with the Internet Explorer:

  1. Menu-based via the left navigation bar to the detailed view:
    if you are using Office 2003 or above:
    click on “Upload/Upload Multiple Documents’.
  2. Using paste-and-copy via the left navigation bar to the detailed view:
    1. Paste: Mark in your Windows Explorer window, with control key, the desired files and copy them via right mouse click in the context menu.
    2. Then change to your Internet Explorer window to: “Shared Documents/View: Explorer View”.
    3. Copy: Add the files via the context menu per right mouse click to the desired folder.

Editing documents (for editors)
There are two possibilities for editing a document:

  1. Direct online: Navigate with the mouse over the column “Name,” open the drop-down menu and select "Edit in Microsoft Office ..." – the document will be opened for editing. While you edit the document, it is inaccessible for others and can only be opened with write protection. When the document is saved and closed, a new version (1,2,3…) will appear on the teamsite and the document will be accessible for others.
  2. Offline (download):
    1. Navigate with the mouse over “Name“, open the drop-down menu and select "Check Out“. When you check out a document, it is blocked for all other members of your teamsite for editing and overwriting and can only be checked in by you. (The blocked document remains visible, however.)
    2. Download the document (e.g. right mouse click to “file under”) and save it locally on your hard drive.
    3. Edit the document.
    4. Go to the same folder at the teamsite and save the document under the same name again. A new version of the document will be produced.

Delete document/folder (for editors)
To delete a document or folder, navigate via the left navigation bar to where the file or folder is located. Click with the mouse on “Name” and select the function “Delete.”


  1. Administrators can create
    1. additional sub-pages within a teamsite and
    2. additional libraries for photo archives, etc.
  2. Files up to a maximum of 100 MB can be added.

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