WC2009 Innovation Award 


Conditions of participation

Deadline for submitting project proposals is midnight (CET) on July 15, 2009.

Award winners will be notified by July 30, 2009

All persons or corporate bodies participation at the WC2009 with a presentation that meets the criteria of one of the three award categories and that meets the following requirements are eligible to participate

  • Industry Award (for product/system developments): Small and mid-sized companies and institutions with up to 500 employees that present patented, innovative products, processes and services that were developed between 2007 and 2009 and have been implemented and are in use or will be marketed in the very near future.
  • Science Award for individual achievements or research projects: All individuals in the medical-technical community who present demonstrable new research results that were achieved between 2007 and 2009 and are expected to lead to practical and marketable innovations.
  • Young Talent Award for the best congress presentation by a high potential: All individuals in the medical-technical community that are not older than 35 years, who present novel combinations of technical and medical know-how generated between 2007 and 2009 that demonstrate extraordinary technical or scientific talent and that will be used for innovations, or have already proven their value. 

To participate in the WC2009 Innovation Award competition, please submit your exposé as well as your CV and (for companies and institutions) a company profile as a pdf file. For submission of your projects via the EDAS system please click  here.

    • After logging in EDAS (for the first time use your e-mail address and a password will be sent to you)  
    • Enter the title and abstract of the paper.
    • Select the award category
    • If you are one of the authors click on "add yourself as author". Then later on you will have to add all the co-authors. Enter each author using either their EDAS identifier or their last name. Each author must be registered in EDAS; if authors are not yet registered in EDAS, you will be prompted to register them. You must also select one of the authors to be the correspondence author.
    • Once you have filled in all information for your abstract, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of that page. This will show you a page that acknowledges your abstract's registration.

The project must be presented in a 1-4 page exposé (click here for a template) in English accompanied by a short abstract. The innovative character, contents and medical and economic benefits of the innovation should be described in easily understandable terms. 

Please note:

Each participant may complete with one project in only one of the three award categories. Entering a number of projects or in more than one category is not permitted.

In order to receive your award,  you need to register for the Congress once you are nominated.


Contact: wc2009-award@vde.com

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