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ESREF 2014 


------ Quality and Reliability Assessment - Techniques and Methods for Devices and Systems ------

Prognostic Methodology for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Retention Loss in Nanoscale Resistive Switching Memory
Nagarajan Raghavan1, Daniel Frey2, Kin Leong Pey1
1 Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore; 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Analytical stress characterization after different chip separation methods
Michael Fügl1, Gunther Mackh2, Elke Meissner3, Lothar Frey3
1 University Erlangen, Germany; 2 Infineon Technologies AG, Germany; 3 Fraunhofer IISB, Germany

Monolithic integrable capacitive humidity sensing method for material characterization of dielectric thin films
Andreas Rückerl, Sophia Huppmann, Roland Zeisel, Simeon Katz
Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Germany

Influence of temperature and dose rate on the degradation of BiCMOS operational amplifiers during total ionizing dose testing
Aleksandr S. Petrov, Konstantin I. Tapero, Viktor N. Ulimov
Research Institute of Scientific Instruments, Russian Federation

State of Health Online Estimation of Energy Storage System using Balancing Circuit
Shili Seima, Hijazi Alaa, Venet Pascal
Laboratoire AMPERE, France

RTN distribution comparison for bulk, FDSOI and FinFETs devices
Louis Gerrer1, Salvatore Amoroso1, Razaidi Hussin2, Asen Asenov3
1 University of Glasgow - Device Modelling Group, United Kingdom; 2 University of Malaysia, United Kingdom; 3 GoldStandard Simulations, United Kingdom

Comparison of in-situ measurement techniques of the solder joint reliability under the thermo-mechanical stresses
Ning Duan
NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands

Vacuum quality evaluation for microbolometer thermal imager sensors
Michael Elßner
Fraunhofer IMS, Germany

Assessment of Mechanical Reliability of Surface Mounted Capacitor by an Accelerated Shear Fatigue Test Technique
Julien Magnien, Golta Khatibi
University of Vienna, Austria

µ-Raman spectroscopy for stress analysis in high power silicon devices
Thierry Kociniewski1, Jeff Moussodji2, Zoubir Khatir2
1 UVSQ - GEMaC / IFSTTAR - LTN, France; 2 IFSTTAR - LTN, France

Compact model of magnetic tunnel junction with stochastic spin transfer torque switching for reliability analyses
You Wang1, Yue Zhang1, Erya Deng1, Jacques-Olivier Klein1, Lirida Alves De Barros Naviner2, Weisheng Zhao1
1 Univ.Paris-Sud, France; 2 Institut TELECOM, Télécom ParisTech, France

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms of Organic Devices ------

Air-stable, high current density, solution-processable, amorphous organic rectifying diodes (ORDs) for low-cost fabrication of flexible passive low frequency RFID tags.
Indranil Ronnie Bose1, Kornelius Tetzner2, Kathrin Borner1, Karlheinz Bock1
1 Fraunhofer EMFT, Germany; 2 TU Berlin, Germany

Reliability and operational stability of all-inkjet printed organic transistors
Henrique Leonel Gomes1, Maria Do Carmo Medeiros2, Fausta Loffredo3, Riccardo. Miscioscia3, Fulvia Villani3, Carme Martínez-Domingo4, Eloi Ramom4, Enrico Sowade5, Kalayan Mitra5, Ian Mcculloch6, Jordi Carrabina4
1 Universidade do Algarve, Portugal; 2 Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal; 3 ENEA, Portici Research Center, Italy; 4 CAIAC, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain; 5 Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany; 6 Department of Chemistry,
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

------ Failure Analysis ------

SEM-based nanoprobing on 32 and 28 nm CMOS devices - Challenges for Semiconductors Failure Analysis
Erik Paul

Acoustic detection of micro-cracks in small electronic devices
Georg Michael Reuther, Reinhard Pufall, Michael Goroll
Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

High resolution imaging of dopant and depletion layer distributions in SiC power MOSFET using super-higher-order nonlinear dielectric microscopy
Norimichi Chinone1, Takashi Nakamura2, Yasuo Cho1
1 Tohoku Univ., Japan; 2 ROHM Co., Ltd., Japan

Quantifying the Limits of Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Metrology of Critical Dimensions of Photoresist Structures in the Nanometer Range
Mauro Ciappa1, Emre Ilguensatiroglu1, Alexey Illarionov2
1 ETH Zurich, Switzerland; 2 Integrated Systems Laboratory, ETH, Switzerland

Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy for failure analysis of nLDMOS devices with decreased breakdown voltage
Stefan Doering1, Ralf Rudolf1, Martin Pinkert1, Hagen Roetz1, Catejan Wagner1, Stefan Eckl1, Marc Strasser2, Andre Wachowiak3, Thomas Mikolajick4
1 Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH, Germany; 2 Infineon Technologies AG, Germany; 3 NaMLab GmbH, Germany; 4 TU Dresden, Germany

Electromigration in Open TSVs
Wolfhard H. Zisser, Hajdin Ceric, Josef Weinbub, Siegfried Selberherr
Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien, Austria

Copper dendrites growth in LLT (Lead Lock Tape) embedded in QFP package: physical identification and characterization
Claudio Savoia1, Giuseppe Giuga1, Fabio Tormen1, Luca Merlo2
1 STMicrolectronics, Italy; 2 University of Milano, Italy

------ Power Devices Reliability ------

Joining and package technology for 175°C Tj increasing reliability in automotive applications
Peter Dietrich
Fuji Electric Europe GmbH, Germany

Overload Robust IGBT Design for SSCB Application
Ihsan Supono1, Jesus Urresti1, Alberto Castellazzi1, David Flores2
1 University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; 2 IMB-CNM, Spain

Reliability enhancement by integrated liquid cooling in power IGBT modules for hybrid and electric vehicles
Yangang Wang, Steve Jones
Dynex Semiconductor ltd, United Kingdom

Robust snubber-less power converter design with soft-switching avalanche-rugged Si and SiC Power MOSFETs
Francesco Giuliani1, Dipankar De1, Nicola Delmonte2, Alberto Castellazzi1, Paolo Cova2
1 University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; 2 University of Parma, Italy

Solder void position and size effects on electro thermal behaviour of MOSFET transistors in forward bias conditions
Son-Ha Tran1, Laurent Dupont2, Zoubir Khatir2
1 VeDeCoM, France; 2 IFSTTAR-LTN, France

Turn-off Instabilities in large area 600V IGBTs
Carmine Abbate1, Francesco Iannuzzo1, Giovanni Busatto1, Annunziata Sanseverino1, Francesco Velardi1, Cesare Ronsisvalle2, James Victory2
1 University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy; 2 Fairchild Semiconductor, Germany

Impact of active thermal management on power electronics design
Markus Andresen, Marco Liserre
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany

NBTI Degradation in STI-based LDMOSFETs
Yandong He, Ganggang Zhang, Xing Zhang
Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University, China

Description of Supercapacitor Performance Degradation Rate during Thermal Cycling Under Constant Voltage Ageing Test
Mohamed Ayadi1, Olivier Briat2, Richard Lallemand3, Akram Eddahech4, Ronan German5, Gerard Coquery3, Jean-Michel Vinassa6
1 Ifsttar-IMS Laboratories, France; 2 Laboratoire IMS CNRS, France; 3 IFSTTAR Versailles Satory, France; 4 IMS Laboratory, France; 5 Université Lyon 1, France; 6 University of Bordeaux, France

------ Chip-Package Interactions and 3D Reliability & Failure Mechanisms ------

Study of the UBM to copper interface robustness of solder bumps in flip chip packages
Joerg Dreybrodt, Yves Dupraz
EM Microelectronic Marin SA, Switzerland

A study of through package vias in a glass interposer for multifunctional and miniaturized systems
Abderrahim El Amrani, Abdellah Benali, Mohsine Bouya, Mustapha Faqir
Université Internationale de Rabat, Morocco

Evaluation new Corner Stress Relief Structure Layout for high robust Metallization
Verena Hein1, Kirsten Weide-Zaage2, Joerg Kludt2
1 X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Germany; 2 University Hannover, Germany

Sn Whisker evaluation in 3D microbumped structures
George Vakanas1, Joke De Messemaeker2, Bjorn Vandecasteele2, Geert Willems2, Mark Ashworth3, Geoffrey Wilcox3, Ingrid De Wolf2, David Schaubroek2
1 Intel assignee to imec (3D), United States; 2 IMEC, Belgium; 3 Loughborough University, United Kingdom

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms in Packages and Assembly ------

Thermal and Mechanical Effects of Voids within Flip Chip Soldering in LED Packages
Yang Liu1, Stanley Y. Y. Leung2, Jia Zhao3, Cell K.Y. Wong2, Cadmus A. Yuan4, Guoqi Zhang5, Fenglian Sun1, Liangliang Luo1
1 Harbin University of Science and Technology, China; 2 Beijing Research Centre, Delft University of Technology, China; 3 State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting, China; 4 Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; 5 DIMES Center for SSL Technologies, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Influence of mobile ion in organic material used in semiconductor devices
Yik Yee Tan1, Claudia Keller2, Kok Seng Teo1, Sivanyanam Rajamanickam1
1 Infineon Technologies, Malaysia; 2 Infineon Technologies, Germany

A three-scale approach to the numerical simulation of metallic bonding for MEMS packaging
Alberto Corigliano1, Aldo Ghisi1, Stefano Mariani1, Giorgio Allegato2, Laura Oggioni2
1 Politecnico di Milano, Italy; 2 STMicroelectronics, Italy

Microstructure of Sn-1Ag-0.5Cu Solder Alloy Bearing Fe Under Salt Spray Test
Nor Ilyana Muhd Nordin1, Suhana Mohd Said1, Rahizar Ramli1, Mohd Faizul Mohd Sabri1, Nurulakmal Mohd Sharif1, Nik Ahmad Fadzil Nik Mohd Arifin2, Nik Nurul Syazana Ibrahim2
1 University of Malaya, Malaysia; 2 MIMOS, Malaysia

Protective Coatings of Electronics under Harsh Thermal Shock
Juha Pippola, Tuomas Marttila, Laura Frisk
Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Evaluating board level solder interconnects reliability using vibration test methods
Yang Liu, Fenglian Sun, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Zhou
Harbin University of Science & Technology, China

Reliability of adhesive joined thinned chips on flexible substrates under humid conditions
Laura Frisk1, Kirsi Saarinen-Pulli2
1 Tampere university of Technology, Finland; 2 Konecranes, Finland

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms in Si-Technology and Nanoelectronics ------

Crystallographic-orientation-dependent GIDL currents in Tri-gate MOSFETs under hot carrier stress
Jong Tae Park, Jae Hoon Lee
Incheon National University, Korea

Hot carrier and PBTI induced degradation in silicon nanowire gate-all-around SONOS MOSFETs
Jong Tae Park1, Jin Hyung Choi1, Jin-Woo Han2, Chon Gun Yu1
1 Incheon National University, Korea; 2 Nasa ames research center, United States

Energy distribution of positive charges in high-k dielectric
Sharifah Fatmadiana Wan Muhamad Hatta1, Ji Zhigang2, Jian Zhang2, Wei Zhang2, Norhayati Soin3, B Kaczer4, S Gendt4, G Groeseneken4
1 University of Malaya, Malaysia; 2 Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom; 3 University Malaya, Malaysia; 4 IMEC, Belgium

Defects evolution involving interface dispersion approaches in high-k/metal-gate deep-submicron CMOS
Yasmin Abdul Wahab, Norhayati Soin, Sharifah Fatmadiana Wan Muhammad Hatta
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Total ionizing dose response of fluorine implanted silicon-on-insulator buried oxide
Kenneth Potter1, Katrina Morgan1, Chris Shaw2, Peter Ashburn1, William Redman-White1, C.H. de Groot1
1 University of Southampton, United Kingdom; 2 AWE Plc, United Kingdom

Analysing Aging and Voltage Scaling Impacts under Neutron-induced Soft Error Rate in SRAM-based Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Fernanda Kastensmidt1, Jorge Tonfat1, Thiago Both1, Gilson Wirth1, Paolo Rech1, Ricardo Reis1, Pascal Benoit2, Florent Bruguier Bruguier2, Lionel Torres2
1 UFRGS, Brazil; 2 LIRMM, France

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms of Wide Bandgap Devices ------

Stability Evaluation of Au-free Ohmic contacts on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs under a Constant Current Stress
Tian-Li Wu, Denis Marcon, Steve Stoffels, Shuzhen You, Brice De Jaeger, Marleen Van Hove, Guido Grosesenken, Stefaan Decoutere
IMEC, Belgium

Failure signatures on 0.25 µm GaN HEMTs for high-power RF applications
Antonio Stocco1, Stefano Dalcanale1, Fabiana Rampazzo1, Matteo Meneghini1, Gaudenzio Meneghesso1, Jan Grünenpütt2, Benoit Lambert3, Hervé Blanck2, Enrico Zanoni1
1 Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy; 2 United Monolithic Semiconductors, Germany; 3 United Monolithic Semiconductors, France

Crosstalk in monolithic GaN-on-Silicon power electronic devices
Vineet Unni1, Hiroji Kawai2, Sankara Narayanan1
1 The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom; 2 POWDEC K.K, Japan

Influence of different carbon doping on the performance and reliability of InAlN/GaN HEMTs
Isabella Rossetto1, Fabiana Rampazzo2, Matteo Meneghini2, Christian Dua3, Piero Gamarra3, Raphael Aubry3, Marie Antoinette Poisson3, Sylvain L. Delage4, Gaudenzio Meneghesso2, Enrico Zanoni5
1 Universita degli studi di Padova - department of Information Engineering, Italy; 2 University of Padova, Italy; 3 Thales III-V Labs, France; 4 III-V Lab, France; 5 DEI-UNIPD, Italy

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms of Photonic and Special Devices ------

The effect of gate overlap on the device degradation in IGZO thin film transistors
Jong Tae Park, Dae Hyun Kim
Incheon National University, Korea

Dispersion study of DC and Low Frequency Noise in SiGe:C Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors used for mm-Wave to Terahertz applications
Marcelino Seif1, Fabien Pascal1, Bruno Sagnes1, Alain Hoffmann1, Sebastien Haendler2, Pascal Chevalier2, Daniel Gloria2
1 IES - Université Montpellier 2, France; 2 STMicroelectronics Crolles, France

The degradation of multi-crystalline silicon solar cells after damp heat tests
Wonwook Oh1, Seongtak Kim1, Soohyun Bae1, Nochang Park2, Yoonmook Kang1, Haeseok Lee1, Donghwan Kim1
1 Korea university, Korea; 2 KETI, Korea

A fast reliability assessment method for Si MEMS based microcantilever beams
Peyman Rafiee, Golta Khatibi
University of Vienna, Austria

------ Focused Ion Beam and European FIB User Group ------

Low temperature FIB cross section: application to indium micro bumps

Lionel Dantas De Morais, Sophie Chevalliez, Stephanie Mouleres

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