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Author's Corner 

ESREF 2014 


The official language of ESREF 2014 is English. All submitted material must be in English.

Deadlines & Duties for Authors & Mentors:

1. Authors prepare & upload full manuscript:  
Authors prepare manuscript by following the instructions from ELSEVIER SCIENCE:
We recommend min. 4 and max. 6 pages for the manuscript.
Authors upload manuscript as a revised version of the abstract in EasyChair.
deadline:  May 30th

2. Mentors review full manuscript:  
Mentors write their review in EasyChair
Reviews will be sent to authors by EasyChair
deadline:  June 6th

3. The presenting Author is requested to register at ESREF 2014:  
Non registered authors will be rejected from program and publication.
deadline:  June 15th

4. Authors revise full manuscript & upload final manuscript:   
Authors upload improved manuscript again as a revised version of your full manuscript in EasyChair.
deadline:  June 20th

5. Mentor approval of final manuscript:  
Mentors check the revised manuscript and inform SubCommitteeChairs about their approval
deadline:  June 23th

6. Authors submit approved manuscript to ELSEVIER:  
Authors receive an confirmation email from EasyChair, that they are requested to upload the final manuscript to ELSEVIER SCIENCE for publication as a special issue of the Journal of Microelectronics Reliability.
Authors first need to register, then upload the final manuscript. It is important that authors select Special Issue: ESREF 2014 when they reach the "Article Type" step in the submission process.
Name your manuscript file with your paper number: e.g. „esref2014_paper_187.doc”
There will not be any further review in ELSEVIER.
deadline:  June 30th

7. Proof reading:  
Authors will be contacted by ELSEVIER for proof reading of their paper.
deadline:  in August

8. Prepare presentation slides:   
Authors work with mentors 1:1 to prepare the final slides for the oral presentation.
After approval from the mentor, Authors send the final slides for oral presentation to: “” 
deadline:  Sep 23th

Information for Authors of oral presentation:

Please prepare your presentation slides until Sept 8 – and send it to your mentor(s) for review.
• Use POWERPOINT for oral presentations
• Highlight your results; do not show all the contents of your paper: 15-20 slides are   typical for 20 minutes of presentation – including Q&A
• Every slide should have a short title
• Use short phrases, not full sentences
• High contrast is very important
• Keep figures and graphs simple
• Maximum 9 lines of text on each text slide with 10 words maximum per line
• Use at least 20pt font, 36pt for titles, 16pt within graphs
• Slide orientation: Landscape
• Slide format size 4:3

After mentor approval, email the file to
“” Deadline: Sep 23

Name your slides file with your paper number: e.g. „esref2014_paper_ 187_slides.ppt”
Please be aware, that we do not allow late presentation file submission after that date or at the conference!

At the conference:
• There will be an author's office with conference laptops. Check your slides there before your presentation.
• Meet your session chair 20min before the session starts in the session room.
• We will conduct author's gallery during the break after your session. We will print out your slides and display them on dashboards in the central ESREF area.
Please attend the authors gallery to allow additional Q&A discussion about your talk.


Information for Authors of poster presentation:

Please prepare your poster until Sept 8 – and send it to your mentor(s) for review.
 • Poster size: DIN A0 format (approx. 84 cm in width x 119 cm in height).
 • The title should appear in letters of at least 5 cm height.
 • Provide an introduction and a summary or conclusion.
 • Use bullets charts, equations, photographs, figures, tables... to highlight the important technical content of your paper.
 • It may be useful to have some copies of the whole written paper submitted to ESREF.

After mentor approval, bring your printed poster to the conference.
At the conference, please put up your poster on Tuesday 30.09.2014 at 4:00 pm. Your dedicated poster board will be labelled accordingly.
Collect your poster at the end of the poster session.

During the poster session, authors are requested to be available at their respective poster board location to meet with interested audience members.

Authors are not excempt from registration fees.

Presenting authors (oral or poster) cannot register as exhibitors and must pay regular registration fee.

Elsevier Science will publish the ESREF 2014 proceedings as a
special issue of the scientific journal ”Microelectronics Reliability“.

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