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Exhbitors of BMT 2014

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  Booth 12

Cochlear Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

As the leading global expert in implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear is dedicated to bringing the gift of sound to people all over the world. For 30 years, Cochlear has pioneered this technology, helping more than a quarter of a million people reconnect to their families and friends.

Along with the industry’s largest investment in research and development, we continue to partner with leading international researchers and hearing professionals, ensuring that we are at the forefront of hearing science.

For our customers, that means access to our latest technologies throughout their lives, and the ongoing support they need.

That is why Cochlear is the world's most chosen hearing partner for implantable hearing solutions.

  Booth 03

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM undertakes applied research in various areas of biomedical technology, neural recording and stimulation. Besides the development of customer specific, multisite microelectrode arrays and probes we also develop optical sensors and detection systems for medical applications such as continuous glucose monitoring.

Another focus is the customer specific development of point-of-care solutions for molecular diagnostics, immunoassays and cellomics. Our microtechnology based systems allow detection of biological species, their building blocks or metabolites. A new research field is the plasma-assisted surface modification for e.g. medical implants.

  Booth 10

Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH (GESIM mbH)

Building upon a broad expertise in made-to-order micromachining technologies and lab automation since 1995, GESIM has evolved into a highly innovative bioinstrumentation company offering five instrument platforms for piezoelectric microdispensing/microarraying (“Nano-Plotter”), liquid handling and chemical synthesis (“BioSyntheSizer”), 3D bioscaffold printing (“BioScaffolder”), microfluidics (“MicCell”), and automated microcontact printing (“µContactPrinter”).

Being a small enterprise, GESIM is committed to quick decision making and working in close collaboration with universities, research institutes, and industry all over the world and also being a partner in numerous research projects.

  Booth 07

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH offers high quality laser instruments for imaging, and tissue and material processing, and cell manipulation. Beyond, it provides high quality services in tissue and material sample preparation, and is your expert partner for laser application research in Life and Material Sciences. Its basic technology is three dimensional, non-contact cutting, which was first realized by the laser microtome TissueSurgeon, a multipurpose sectioning device, which cuts tissue or other material by femtosecond lasers instead of steel blades. Adapted to a microscope and enhanced with spatial resolution, with the CellSurgeon the world of nano cutting to manipulate single cells or cell organelles was entered. All sectioning and manipulation can be guided and controlled by Optical Coherence Tomography or Multi Photon Microscopy.

Booth 06


As the industry's technology leader in implantable hearing solutions, MED-EL products are the result of 30 years of focused research and a commitment by its founders to fostering a company culture of excellence. MED-EL has a strong tradition of advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants. The company's consistent focus on research and development continues to fuel the pipeline of new ideas and innovations. Our broad portfolio of products ensures that we can provide a hearing implant solution to fit each candidate's unique hearing loss.


  Booth 01

Medlab GmbH

Medlab is a German manufacturer of high-quality modules used in professional patient monitoring products.

Having been active in the market for more than twenty years, we also support our customers during integration and registration of the final procduct.

We offer all patient-side modules that are needed to develop and build a professional patient monitor.

This includes different EKG variants, pulse-oximetry modules, systems for invasive- and non-invasive blood pressure measurement, body temperature- and capnography modules.

All components comply to the respective safety standards of the 60601 family. As we also regularely update our modules to stay in compliance to the newest revisions, efforts to keep products on the market are largely reduced on the customer side.

Hard- and software are fully developed in-house. Therefore, it is possible to adapt them to customer specific requirements.

  Booth 09

MHH Hannover Medical School

The Hannover Medical School, founded in 1965, is one of the world's leading university medical centres. Our research and patient care set national and international standards. We are also part of an excellent regional medical network. Our outstanding success in interdisciplinary collaboration both within the MHH and with extramural scientific institutions is reflected in the fact that the MHH is the German medical university with the greatest volume of grant funding.
The Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Medical University of Hannover (MHH) is internationally renowned for hosting the world's largest cochlear implant (CI) programme to treat severely hearing impaired patients. To date, more than 7,000 people have received a CI here. Other priority areas include hearing-aid fitting (and improving this process), the early identification of hearing loss in children, diagnosis and treatment of inner-ear diseases including tinnitus, skull base surgery including treatment of acoustic neuroma, tumour surgery using modern laser surgical and endoscopic techniques, diseases of the nose and sinuses, covering allergology, environmental medicine and plastic/reconstructive techniques.

  Booth 08

MR:comp GmbH

MR:comp GmbH is providing the widest range of comprehensive MRI safety and compatibility testing services for implants & devices and  has over 10 years of experience in magnetic resonance testing acc. to ISO 17025. Standard test methods are used acc. to ASTM, IEC, ISO/TS.We provide numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields analyzing MR characteristics & RF-induced heating of implants & instruments. Offering MR:comp’s seminars in USA and Europe for several occupational groups concerning MR Safety and Compatibility as well. MRI safety online database distributor for the EU with over 8000 implants  & features. - Get your free trial today!
The central platform provides all high quality MR accessories & equipment to you.

  Booth 04

Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft

BioRegioN Netzwerkinitiative Life Sciences  ̶  Niedersachsen

BioRegioN is the network initiative for life sciences in Lower Saxony. We connect partners from the worlds of business, science and politics with the main goal to bring the tremendous potential for excellent research results effectively to the market.
Our activities focus on supporting and advising regional companies, universities and research institutions in the fields of biotechnology, regenerative medicine and biomedical technology. We provide up-to-date information on trends and developments in the life sciences sector, as well as on funding and cooperation opportunities for our network partners. We also initiate innovative research and development projects at EU-, federal- and state level.

Capical GmbH

Capical was founded in 2010 by Dr. Martin Oehler, Henning Böge and Prof. Dr. Meinhard Schilling to provide an easier, faster and more significant ECG-Diagnosis by the use of capacitive electrodes. In 2013 the c • one, the first capacitive ECG-Device worldwide, was launched in the German market. Additionally, Capical develops solutions for the cardiac monitoring in medical and non-medical applications based on the capacitive electrode technology.


CINOGY GmbH specialises on the development and production of innovative, plasma-based processes and products for application in medicine and cosmetics. CINOGY is the innovation leader in plasma medicine and is the first company globally to have declared its conformity with EG Guideline 93/42/EEC for its PlasmaDerm® product family after passing the necessary conformity assessment procedures. As shown by the successful certification of our company according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012, among others, we meet the quality requirements for the production of medical devices. CINOGY is located at the headquarters of the medical technology company Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH in Duderstadt, the global market leader in prosthetics.

  Booth 05

Technische Universität Darmstadt

The Institute of Electromechanical Design (EMK) at Technische Universität Darmstadt has a strong focus on medical technology regarding scientific areas of measurement technology, micro technology, related production processes and specific design methodology.
The institute comprises a broad spectrum of facilities and laboratories including a clean room, a precision mechanics workshop, and state-of-the-art equipped labs for evaluation and validation of electromechanical components and systems.
Ongoing scientific and industry related projects comprise medical robotics, man-machine-cooperation exoskeletons, haptic interfaces, micro force sensors, and lower extremity orthoses.

  Booth 11

Universitätsmedizin Rostock

RESPONSE – Partnerschaft für Innovation in der Implantattechnologie“ im Rahmen des BMBF-Programms „Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation“

  Booth 02

German Society for Biomedical Engineering (DGBMT) within VDE

The DGBMT promotes co-operation between scientists, engineers and physicians in the
fields of research, development, application and teaching. It supports the exchange of knowledge between various disciplines of biomedical technology and seeks to accelerate
the transfer of new technologies into medical application. The DGBMT is a society of the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies.



Become a partner of the BMT 2014 and present your company or institute at the most important conference in the field of medical engineering in Germany.
The conference is accompanied by a trade exhibition. Present your products, services and research expertise to decision makers at hospitals and from industry at the trade exhibition. An exhibition space covering approx. 210 square metres is available. Exhibition space can be booked online.

Available booths are located on the ground floor in the Niedersachsenhalle of the HCC.

The conference breaks and the get-together on the evening of October 08, 2014 will also take place in this area.


Exhibition areas from 6 to 12 square metres are available.

The rent per square metre of exhibition area is 280,- € net (up to June 15, 2014) or 330,- € net (after June 15, 2014).
The rent includes the entire exhibition period (see below), the assigned floor area and electricity costs. A detailed stand allocation plan will be drawn up upon receipt of registrations.

The price also includes:

  • 1 ticket for the lecture programme
    (More tickets are available through the regular participant registration.)
  • 1 exhibitor pass for stand support staff
    Pass holders are not entitled to participate in the lecture programme. Food and drinks during the conference breaks are included as a service.
  • Online access to BMT papers published as a supplement to the regular volume of the Biomedizinische Technik/Biomedical Engineering journal in the Walter de Gruyter (WdG) publishing house.
  • Naming of your company in the printed conference programme (registration until editorial deadline).

All costs arising from stand construction or furniture are not included and must be paid by the exhibitor. Organisers may provide tables and chairs, if necessary. Insurance against damage or theft of exhibits must be taken out by exhibitors, if necessary.


Set Up Tuesday, October 7, 2014 10:00 - 18:00 h
Exhibition hours Wednesday, October 8, 2014 08:00 - 22:00 h
Thursday, October 9, 2014 08:00 - 18:30 h
Friday, October 10, 2014 08:00 - 14:45 h
Dismantling Friday, October 10, 2014 from 14:45 h


Address for delivery:

see venue

Cancellation conditions:

The binding registration can be cancelled free of charge up to April 30, 2014. Cancellation shall be made in written.

All prices are subject to 19 % VAT.


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