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EUSAR History 


EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the only international conference dedicated to SAR techniques, technology and applications. EUSAR was first held in the year 1996 in Königswinter and continued every two years since then. Conference places were Friedrichshafen (1998 & 2008), Munich (2000), Cologne (2002), Ulm (2004) and Dresden (2006).
EUSAR has accompanied the worldwide evolution of high-resolution imaging radar, both air-borne and space-borne, and has helped to establish an international community of SAR engineers and scientists.


EUSAR 2012            CASSIDIAN             Nürnberg


EUSAR 2010            Fraunhofer FHR      Aachen


EUSAR 2008            Astrium          Friedrichshafen


EUSAR 2006            DLR                Dresden


EUSAR 2004            EADS            Ulm


EUSAR 2002            FGAN             Köln


EUSAR 2000            DLR                München


EUSAR 1998            Astrium          Friedrichshafen


EUSAR 1996:           FGAN             Königswinter

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