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EMLC 2012 - Call for Papers 

 Call for Papers 

Download Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is available as a PDF file:

Abstract Information

Abstract quality will be the basis for selection of conference presentations. The abstracts will be assessed for:

  • Originality of work
  • Specific results reported
  • Potential impact and interest to the attendees.

Therefore, we highly recommend that your abstract contains enough detail to clearly describe the content of your presentation. The abstracts should include at least one full page of text (minimum of 1000 words), the use of figures is encouraged.

Commercial papers, papers with no new research / development content, and papers where significant information is missing will not be accepted. All accepted abstracts will be printed, bound and handed out to the participants of the conference.


extended Deadline for Abstracts: October 31, 2011

By submitting an abstract you agree to

  • Present your work in person at the conference
  • Submit a manuscript in time

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their submissions by November 21, 2011; further manuscript format and layout instructions will be provided at that time.



Please, send the original of the manuscript a.s.a.p.

As to further information concerning the submission procedure, please have a look at our homepage,

Deadline for Manuscripts: December 2, 2011

All manuscripts will be subject to a critical peer review before they are accepted for publication in the SPIE Digital Library.

Please note: Late submissions may not be published.


Information on the format of the manuscripts and further details is also provided at the conference web site:

The conference manuscripts will be published by SPIE


Conference Topics

Presentations are solicited for the following and related topics:

Mask Manufacturing

  • Mask Data Preparation
  • Pattern Generation: Writing, Etch, etc.
  • Photomask Processes & Materials
  • Metrology Tools & Technologies
  • Defect Inspection & Repair
  • Cleaning & Haze
  • Pellicles & Mask Boxes
  • Mask Process Yield & Cycle Time
  • Photomasks for RET & OPC; PSM
  • Masks for NGL: E-Beam, EUV, NIL, etc.

Mask Business

  • Mask Business and Management
  • Mask Cost and Mask Development Strategy
  • Future Mask Demand

Lithography and Mask Application

  • Double Patterning
  • Resist
  • Mask Defect Printability
  • Optical Materials
  • Immersion Lithography
  • Immersion Defectivity
  • Alternate Immersion Fluids
  • Lithography Process Control
  • Lithography Simulation

Emerging Mask and Lithography Technologies

  • EUV Materials, Tools & Processes
  • EUV Mask Infastructure
  • NIL
  • Direct Write / Maskless Technologies

Mask and Lithography Equipment

  • Mask Manufactoring

Semiconductors applied in Automotive NEW !!

Semiconductors in MEMS Automotive NEW !!

Patterned Media NEW !!



In order to submit your abstract, please upload it to the MySPIE link which is:´MySPIE
You may also send it to

EMLC submission instructions

Deadline for Abstracts: September 30, 2011

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