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Paper Submission 


The motto for telescon 2009 will be:


Therefore the call for papers is taking into account the specific conditions of the fast growing telecommunication networks in the world. The presentations given in the conference, or the products and components exhibited in the exhibition area will demonstrate the expertise and know-how in telecom power supply systems including latest developments.
Experts from all over the world will participate and contribute with lectures and presentations about new strategies, developments, system design and operational problems including their technical solutions.
Main emphasis of this conference will be the important Power Quality of the mains connections for a high reliability and availability of the fast increasing wire- and wireless information communication.
There will be presented papers via plenary sessions, oral presentations and discussion forums.
More than 300 International, European and National representatives are expected to attend.



AC/DC Power Supplies – Power Quality and Efficiency
• High reliable Power systems for telecommunication equipment
• Power system architectures, distribution, monitoring and reliability
• New technology power generation and energy storage systems
• Behaviour of power supply systems in distributed or faulty networks
• Mechanical design and environmental requirements
• Powering cable TV, multimedia networks, internet and wireless applications

UPS and Converters
• DC/DC converters – new technologies and designs
• Concepts, technology and application of UPSsystems
• AC- and DC Power supplies – inverters, UPS, power supplies for communication and IT-Systems

EMC and Product Safety in Telecommunication Equipment
• International Standards and Specifications
• Legal aspects

Batteries and other Energy Storage Systems Battery technology
• Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of vented and valve regulated lead acid batteries
• Battery management and monitoring
• Alternative energy storage systems
• Lithium batteries for long life and high reliability
• Safety requirements for batteries and fuel cells
• Fuel Cell for a sustainable future

Powering Fiber In The Loop
• Concepts of powering (fiber to the curb, building, home, PON, GPON)
• Batteries and ultracapacitors for backup-powering
• Operation, monitoring and maintenance

Conversion Technology and Design of Power Supplies
• Components and topologies
• DC/DC conversion
• AC versus DC
• Redundancy and reliability
• Safety requirements
• Grounding and bonding of equipment and systems
• Lightning protection

Alternative Power Sources for Telecom Networks
• Technology and design of
- Photovoltaic systems
- Wind driven generators
- Fuel consuming generators
- Hybrid systems
• Experience with alternative power sources

Thermal Management of indoor or outdoor installation
• Network facility management
• Cooling concepts
• Air conditioning
• Free convection

Operation and Maintenance
• Power and facility management concepts regarding maintenance and supervision
• Experiences and operational issues – Blackouts, disaster recovery
• Environmental Issues – noise, electro-smog, eco-design, recycling


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