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Call for Papers 

Instructions for authors 


Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering (CDBME)

„Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering (CDBME) is an open access journal and closely related to the journal Biomedical Engineering – Biomedizinische Technik (BME-BMT) that is well established and of high quality for more than 50 years. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering is as BME-BMT a forum for the exchange of knowledge in the fields of biomedical engineering, medical information technology and biotechnology/bioengineering for medicine and addresses engineers, natural scientists, and clinicians working in research, industry, or clinical practice. Subject areas are: Diagnostic imaging, image processing, biosignal processing, modeling and simulation, biomechanics, information and communication in medicine, telemedicine and e-health, surgery and minimum invasive interventions, endoscopy and image guided therapy, diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation, clinical engineering, micro- and nano-systems in medicine, active implants, biosensors, neuro-engineering, neural systems, rehabilitation and prosthetics, biomaterials, cellular and tissue engineering, artificial organs,  biomedical engineering for audiology, ophthalmology, emergency and dental medicine, general subjects (e.g., education and training, health technology assessment) and special topics (e.g., linking proteomics and genomics with biomedical engineering).”



DGBMT Students Competition

The DGBMT asks students for presenting their results from research projects or diploma theses. The best contributions are awarded certificates and prizes (posters and oral presentations in a separate process).

1. Prize: 1000 EUR
2. Prize: 600 EUR
3. Prize: 400 EUR

These submissions are subject to the same peer review process and will undergo an additional evaluation based on quality, degree of innovation and presentation of the scientific-technical work.

The best 10 papers are assessed by the jurors during the running sessions of the BMT conference and the winners determined. The other finalists receive a participation certificate.

Conditions of participation:

Only first authors are admitted who while writing their scientific study presented in the paper

  • are or were at the time enrolled as a student at a university,
  • are younger than 30 years on the last day of the conference and
  • a member of the DGBMT (or of one of the two affiliate societies in Austria or Switzerland). (In the first year DGBMT membership is free for students.)

When submitted dissertations of participants shall not yet have been finished. This means that scientific assistants, doctoral students and PhD students are allowed to take part if they fulfil these requirements. Please note that final papers must have been finished when submitted.

A submission application (application form) and an informal letter of recommendation (application endorsement for participation in the student competition) written for instance by a university lecturer or professor supervising the thesis or dissertation shall be submitted in electronic form (PDF document) together with the paper (conference paper). The paper shall present only current research work which may have been terminated not more than one year before the deadline for submission. In the absence of supporting documents the participant will be eliminated.

Preparation of the paper:

Papers for the DGBMT student competition may be submitted as a presentation or a poster the assignment of which is in the hands of the conference scientific advisory board. In the case of team work the submitted paper shall refer only to the personal contribution of the author.

The submitted paper (conference paper) for the DGBMT student competition should not exceed a maximum of 4 pages (PDF document, no password protection) and may be written in German or English.

Please use the binding structuring and formatting template for conference papers (template see download box on the right). The submission of papers (PDF document without password protection) is by means of a web based manuscript handling system.



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 Papers and posters are requested from all other fields of Biomedical Engineering as well, such as:

  • Automation Technology for Medical Applications
  • Biomaterials and Biocompatibility
  • Biomechanics and Orthopaedics Technology
  • Biomedical Micro and Nano Systems
  • Biophotonics
  • Biosensors and Bioanalytics
  • Biosignal Processing
  • Cellular-, Tissue- and Bioengineering
  • Clinical and Ambulatory Monitoring
  • Clinical Engineering and Hospital Technology
  • Devices and Systems for Surgical Intervention
  • Diagnosis and Therapy Systems
  • Health Robotics
  • Imaging and Image Computing
  • Intelligent Assistance Systems
  • Laboratory Diagnostics and POCT
  • Medical Information Systems and Management
  • Medical Technology and Society
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Magnetic Particle Imaging and Therapy
  • Personalized Medical Technology
  • Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs
  • Telemedicine, eHealth, mHealth, Home Care
  • Education and Training for Engineers and Physicians
  • Usability, Risk Management, and Patient Safety


Abstract and Paper Submission

  • All authors are invited to submit a structured Abstract (300 words maximum). The structured abstract will be peer-reviewed and if accepted will be published online as a supplement to the journal ‘Biomedical Engineering’ by de Gruyter in the regular volume. Published structured abstracts will be available online on the de Gruyter’s homepage (free access).
  • In addition, authors are invited to submit an optional conference paper (2 – 4 pages). The conference paper will be peer-reviewed and if accepted will be published online in the newly established open access journal “Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering” by de Gruyter. Accepted conference papers will be prepared for listing by PubMed Central and will be available online on the de Gruyter’s homepage (free access).

    NOTE: If you wish to submit a conference paper in addition to your structured abstract, don't register a second paper, submit and upload first your structured Abstract, and then upload your conference paper as described on your EDAS view.


  • The use of the templates is mandatory. Both, structured abstracts or conference papers will be accepted only, if the template format was used accurately.    


Deadline of submission of structured abstracts: March, 27th, 2015
Deadline of submission of conference papers (optional) : March 27th, 2015
Notification of both, structured abstracts or conference papers: June 2nd, 2015 





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