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Education event for doctors 

Education event for doctors 

Further Education Event for Doctor s at the BMT 2015

Certification of the lecture programme of the BMT 2015 – 49th DGBMT annual conference is granted by the Medical Association of Schleswig-Holstein based on the current further training regulations of the Medical Association and the uniform assessment criteria.

According to category B, the conference is certified as an all-day or half-day event with parallel parts of event.

The following number of further training points (FP) can be awarded per day of the event:
September 16, 2015 – 6 FP
September 17, 2015– 6 FP
September 18, 2015– 3 FP

At the end of the respective conference day you will receive a certificate of attendance.

The organizer is responsible for the transmission of uniform numbers of further training for participants to the electronic information distribution list.

Participants are requested to independently register the further training points (FP) with the Medical Association of Schleswig-Holstein after the conference.

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