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Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks 2017 


The 2017 International Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks  (DRCN 2017) in Munich on March 8-10, 2017 covers reliability for mobile / 5G, optical, and hybrid fixed-mobile networks, addressing latest research topics such as Resilience issues, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Disaster Recovery, and Security.

Contributions come not only from renowned universities and research institutions, but also from industry (Orange, KDDI, Infinera, Ericsson, Airbus, ...).



Thank you for a great and successfull DRCN 2017

Interview with Achim Autenrieth, ADVA Optical Networking, Germany and Dominic Schupke, Airbus, Germany on March 9th 2017 at DRCN 2017 in Munich

VDE: Dear Dominic and Achim, it´s a pleasure for me to talk with you in the name of the Information Technology Society within VDE. You are General Co-Chair and Technical Program Co-Chair of the 13th international Conference Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN) in Munich, respectively. This international conference travels around the world and takes place this year in Germany. Reading the program I was very impressed by the broad range and the excellent technical scope of the contributions.
Dominic Schupke: DRCN covers reliability for mobile / 5G, datacenter, optical and hybrid fixed-mobile networks and corresponding services. Reliability includes cyber security, that means we work hard to protect networks against any perceivable cyber-attack. The conference addresses latest research topics such as reliable network design and operation, theory and modeling, resilience and networked services, telecommunication reliability issues for government, enterprises and society. Contributions came this year not only from renowned universities and research institutions but also from industry, namely Telefonica/Spain, Orange/France, NTT/Japan, Nokia/Gemany, KDDI/Japan, Infinera/USA, Facebook/USA, Ericcson/Sweden, Coriant/Portugal, and Airbus/Germany.
Achim Autenrieth: I would especially like to highlight that some of our speakers come from the United States. For example, Yuri Smirnov from Facebook, USA talked today about the “Designing of a Resilient Virtual Topology in a Multi-Layer Datacenter Interconnection Network”.

VDE: Prof. Frank Fitzek from Deutsche Telekom, Chair of Communication Networks at Technical University Dresden moderates today a Panel Discussion under the headline “Reliable 5G Networks”. What will be the main points?

Dominic Schupke: Researchers and industrial partners believe that communications and control beyond 2020 will involve a combination of existing and evolving systems. This includes systems like LTE-Advanced and Wi-Fi, coupled with new, revolutionary technologies designed to meet new requirements, such as virtually zero latency to support Tactile Internet, machine control or augmented reality. 5G will be the set of technical components and systems needed to handle these requirements and overcome the “limits” of current systems. We will discuss recent research activities and applications.

VDE: Airbus and ADVA Optical Networking support the DRCN as sponsors. This enables us to organize the DRCN in an appropriate ambiance. What are the main topics of your companies?

Autenrieth: ADVA Optical Networking’s research and development activities focus on innovative connectivity solutions for cloud and mobile services based on fiber-optic networking technologies combined with Ethernet functionality and intelligent software for network management and virtualization. As such, ADVA Optical Networking is strongly involved in the research on secure data center interconnect solutions and converged 5G networks and services in the framework of research projects SENDATE Secure-DCI funded by CELTIC/BMBF and the EU-funded projects 5G-XHaul and iCirrus, respectively.

Schupke: Reliable networks are paramount for the operations of our airborne and space borne products. Therefore, the design and evolution of the deployed networks is of particular interest.

VDE: I would like to sincerely thank you for your professional work and the support of the DRCN committees. Thanks go also to the involved ITG Expert Committees and Groups, which are active in Communication Networks and Systems ( 5.2), Security in Networks (5.2.2), Optical Communications (5.3) and others.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Groß, VDE e.V.


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