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 Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

09:30 Informal welcome reception                                                                
10:00 Welcome by Ton Lansink, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Germany  

Opening Address by Chairman Wolfram Runge


Farid Al-Bender: History and future perspectives of gas bearings



Session 1

Michael Muth: Innovative Air Bearings Based on Laser Drilled Micro Nozzies
11:30 Break

Nils Heidler: Investigations on Aerostatic Journal Gas Bearing Elements for Vacuum Applications
Hans Eitzenberger: System Design of Gas Bearing Precision Stages

12:50 Lunch
13:50 Session 2
Tobias Waumans: Error motion of gas bearings: definition, measurement challenges and data analysis
Kai Schmidt: The Use of Gas Bearings in Ultra Precision Machining


15:20 Session 3: Special Topics
Ron van Ostayen: Contact-less positioning of thin substrates using air bearing technology
Julien van Kuijlenburg: On the seizure resistance of aerostatics bearings
16:20 Wrapup / follow up
16:30 Informal drinks


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