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Conference Topics - Who should attend 




Applications and system integration developments address areas such as

  • transportation: automotive, railway, aircraft
  • power electronics in the grid, in particular for renewable energy: wind, solar ...
  • drives and power supplies


Conference Topics

  1. components to be integrated 
    • advanced Silicon devices and monolithic integration
    • wide bandgap devices and monolithic integration
    • drivers
    • passive components
    • sensors and actuators
  2. general aspects of packaging 
    • system and component packaging
    • assembly concepts, embedded power, 3D integration 
    • new materials and interconnects
    • high voltage insulation
    • design for high temperature applications
    • cooling concepts
    • interface materials
    • multi-physics CAD (electrical, thermal, mechanical) as design tool
  3. package types
    • bare chip packaging
    • discrete semiconductor packages
    • hermetic semiconductor packages
    • semiconductor module packages
    • packages with semiconductors and passives
  4. mechatronic systems and their applications 
    • integration with sensors and actuators
    • integration of PE into E-machine
    • overall system optimization
  5. reliability
    • reliability requirements, mission profiles 
    • physics of failure, robustness validation
    • prognostics and health management
    • modeling and simulation of lifetime
    • intelligent reliability testing
    • failure analysis
  6. clean switching, EMC
    • parasitics and interferences, low inductance design
    • electrodynamically optimized design
    • optimized control through driving scheme
    • filters


Who should attend

The conference will be a technical and scientific forum for engineers coming from industry and academia engages in:

  • system development
  • component development
  • reliability engineering
  • research



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