Sponsoring Opportunities 

You can brand your company at EUSAR 2016 

We would like to invite you to consider joining us as a Conference Supporter. With our expanded emphasis on the SAR user community, as well as the traditional radar community, we anticipate that the conference will be an exceptional venue to communicate your products, capabilities and services to potential new customers and to solidify relationships with existing and older customers.

We are expecting approximately 500 attendees, including a broad range of radar specialists, government and commercial leaders, and their guests. The Eurogress Conference Center is a congenial atmosphere in which to obtain excellent exposure for your organization.


To showcase your capabilities and associated business to this group, please consider participating as a member of the EUSAR2016 Supporter Program.

As a Conference Supporter, you receive (independent of contribution level):
- Corporate name and logo on selected sponsored event or related item
- Hot link from the EUSAR 2016 web site to Supporter’s home page
- An acknowledgement during the Plenary session
- Corporate banner displayed in the Plenary session space
- Discounted exhibition rate if you choose to join our Exhibitor Program


Our Supporter Program is very flexible and open to alternative suggestions for participation. Please do not hesitate to contact the conference organisers at +49 (0) 69 63 08 477 or by e-mail at  hatice.altintas@vde.com.

For further details you can also contact:
EUSAR Conference Office c/o VDE
Stresemannallee 15
60596 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 63 08-477
Fax: +49 (0) 69 / 63 08 144
E-Mail: hatice.altintas@vde.com



GLOBES Elektronik is a German based sales and distribution company in the field of high frequency, microwave and RF electronic technologies. The headquarters are located in Heilbronn (near Stuttgart) and sales offices are in Norderstedt (next to Hamburg) and Germering (close by München/Munich).
The purpose of the company is to represent major foreign suppliers from the USA. Far East. Europe, and Israel to sell their RF. microwave, and electronic components as well as supercomponents, subsystems, systems and instruments into Germany. Austria and Switzerland, but also some other, mainly (East-) European, countries, it is set up to act as a representative, distributor and value added reseller.
GLOBES Elektronik was founded 1995. The partners and employees represent more than two hundred years of experience in that specialized field of high frequency, microwave and communication.
This represents a very strong knowledge of the local markets and the customers. All have very deep product know-how and did successfully work for several well known suppliers for many years. References can be supplied on request.
The sales engineers are used to work with the technologies of thin- and thickfilm. LTCC, GaAs, GaN, SiC, SMD surface mount, lumped element. MIC. MMiC. Stripline microstrip, airline, suspended substrates, coaxial, and waveguide as well as combinations thereof and any higher level of integration. Frequency ranges are between some MHz and beyond 100 GHz. The markets of commercial, medical, military and satellite applications can be supported withproven success and experience, being used to follow the special requirements and needs of each field, in addition to the daily business of selling standard products large OEM contracts, long term commercial and military programs can be handled as well as the distribution of RFand microwave components including buffer stock and logistics.
This, combined with the strong expertise in commercial matters assures that the principals interests are kept In the best way. GLOBES' target is to act as the principal's partner and extended arm of the manufacturer in the territory.

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