Paper Submission 


Authors will be asked to submit their final paper after their draft paper has been accepted by the reviewers. The final paper in PDF format will be published in the proceedings of EUSAR 2018.

Note: To be included in the proceedings at least one author has to register and pay the registration fee, at the latest by 01. April 2018.
One author may register up to two papers. For additional papers a surcharge must be paid. In case of late registration or late final paper submission the paper will be
excluded from the conference proceedings.


During upload authors are asked to choose one paper topic or up to three different Topics.

All authors are asked to use our EUSAR Templates (includes LaTeX + BibTEX + doc + odt templates) or otherwise comply with our formatting guidelines (see below)

Submitted papers must contain unpublished material. Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form only. The accepted electronic file format is Portable Document Format (PDF). When transmitting their paper, authors of accepted papers are considered to have read and accepted the Copyright policy Copyright Agreement.


Paper formatting guidelines

Note: The total length of a paper must be a t least 2 pages but should not exceed 6 pages. Papers exceeding 6 pages will not be considered, regardless of the technical quality.

It is recommended to use the EUSAR templates for preparing the manuscript. 

Your paper must be compliant with the following paper formatting rules:

  ·       The page format must be A4 (21.0 cm × 29.7 cm);

·       The paper must be typed using two column layout with single line spacing;

·       Use Times New Roman font, the text must be at 10pt with a line spacing of 12pt, the paper title 16pt, the section title 14pt, and the subsection title 12pt.

·       The paper abstract should not be longer than 100 words.

·       The paper must contain complete contact information of at least one of the authors (postal Address, phone, fax, and e-mail)

·       Figures, tables and equations must have separate sequential numbering

·       Captions must be centred, and placed above tables and underneath figures

·       Do not number pages, and do not use footnotes

·       MS Word users: Embed all tables, charts, figures and images within the text

·       Submit your paper as unprotected pdf file only

You can download the PDF Creator: or the PDF Acrobat Reader .

Paper submission procedure using EDAS

Logging in to EDAS

·       Using EDAS requires logging in first. If you already have an account, enter your email address (or your numeric EDAS ID#) and password in the fields on the form on the EDAS home page.

·       If you do not know whether you have an account on this EDAS system, try entering your email address or name. EDAS will check for your account and let you know whether it knows about you.

·       If you have an account but have forgotten your password, leave the password field blank, and EDAS will mail your password to you.

·       If you do not yet have an account on the EDAS system, click on the link there to "create your new user account". Fill in the resulting form and then click on the "New User" button there. Mandatory fields are listed in red; optional fields are listed in black. The password for accessing the EDAS system will be sent to you via email. Once you receive your password, you should return to EDAS and log in. 

Registering your Paper

·       After logging in to EDAS, you should see the web form for registering your paper submission. Fill in the form:

      • Enter the name of the first author, then later on you will have to add all the co-authors. Enter each author using either their EDAS identifier or their last name. Each author must be registered in EDAS; if an author is not yet registered in EDAS, you will be prompted for the information to register them. You must also select one of the authors to be the correspondence author.
      • Enter the title and abstract of the paper.
      • Select the topic from the list of paper topics that best classify your paper.

·       Once you have filled in all information for your paper, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of that page. This will show you a page that acknowledges your paper's registration. 

Uploading your Paper

·       After registering your paper submission, you must upload your actual paper.

·       To upload your paper right after registering your submission, simply follow EDAS instructions on the acknowledgement page.

·       Alternatively, you can upload your paper later from your EUSAR 2018 EDAS homepage. From there, you can upload your paper by clicking on the icon in the line that shows your paper's listing, or via ftp, or email as per instructions on that page.

·       After you return to your EUSAR 2018 EDAS homepage, you will see your uploaded paper. If you click on the paper number, you will see the paper details. If you click on the paper under "Manuscript", you will see the PostScript or PDF version that you uploaded.


Revising your Paper or Account

·      After you have submitted your paper, you can revise your submission at any time before the draft paper submission deadline. The system is then closed for review and re-opened for final paper submission after sending out the authors notification. Please note that both, conference registration and any changes to or about your manuscript must be submitted before the final paper submission deadline. The system is then closed for preparing the manuscripts for publication. Please note that no changes to or about your manuscript can be accepted anymore once the preparation of manuscripts for publication has started.

·       To revise your submission, go to your EUSAR 2018 EDAS homepage. Just upload a new PostScript or PDF version the same way you did already for the previous version. Please do not instead register and submit the new version as if it were a separate new paper, since this will duplicate the paper registration records.

·       You can also revise your own EDAS account information from your EUSAR 2018 EDAS Homepage. To do so, click on the link at the top to edit your profile.




There will be awards for the Best Paper, Best Poster and three Best Students contributions. For the Student Awards the paper must not exceed two authors and the first author must be a student or a PhD student. During the registration process this circumstance has to be indicated by checking the Student Paper Competition check box, if the paper is submitted for the Student Award. All awards will be presented on the last day of the conference.

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