35th International Telecommunications Energy Conference 




Welcome from Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
I am greatly looking forward to welcoming you in Hamburg to the 35th International Telecommunications Energy Conference. We expect to see participants from all over the world – in fact from every continent – at Intelec 2013 who are united by one common goal: to share and enhance their knowledge in the field of power equipment for ICT.

As energy supply is facing new challenges in our global environment – the Next Generation Network (NGN) Systems are just one example – it is all the more important that international experts in this field meet to discuss the latest developments, enabling us to keep pace with the quickly changing environment and to anticipate new trends. 

I am convinced that the keynotes, exhibitions and tutorials at Intelec 2013 will offer inspiring and interesting insights to all participants.

It is a great pleasure for me to meet you in October!

Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
General Chair Intelec 2013


 Welcome from Norbert Grass 



It is my pleasure to welcome the attendees of the 35th International Telecommunication Energy Conference INTELEC 2013 at the Congress Center Hamburg.
“Smart Power and Efficiency” is becoming more and more important in many areas of human life. Information technologies have already become an integral part of our societies and therefore, reliability and efficiency of the energy supply technologies are key issues for telecommunication and internet service providers. At the same time the public electricity grids are evolving into integrate control and information technologies. Sustainable Energy sources will gain an incredible amount and one of the futures´ most exciting challenges will be the stability of power supply grids and the management of both, generation and load power fluctuations. In Germany the process of the “Energy Transition” (Energiewende) has already been started and for the success these new technologies must be applied to public grids, domestic components and utilities.
The telecommunication power supply technology is an essential part of this process and has a particular structure, which is appropriate for the application of new technologies.
INTELEC provides a forum for experts from academia, industry and operators to present innovative ideas and research results and to enter fruitful discussions.
Furthermore, please feel as our guest and enjoy the beauty and the attractions of Hamburg, maybe on the tours, prepared by our conference team.
Finally, I cordially want to thank the teams who worked hard to prepare and organize this conference. For instance I want to name the IEC, IEEE PELS, VDE, who have all given great support to this conference.
I wish you all a pleasant stay in Hamburg and thank you very much for your attendance.


Prof. Norbert Grass
Vice Chair Intelec 2013



Welcome from Volker Schanz

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite all of you to the 35th International Telecommunication Energy Conference, to be held from October 13 – 17, 2013 at the Congress Center (CCH) in Hamburg, Germany.

Under the theme “Smart Power and Efficiency” the conference aims at enhancing your knowledge and competences and keeping you up to date on the key issues in energy supply technologies for telecommunication. The INTELEC® will be an excellent international forum for the exchange of information on a wide range of applications including Internet Technologies and multimedia applications both today and in the future.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for designers, manufacturers, distributors of power equipment and telecom network operators to interact directly with researchers and users to discuss a wide variety of topics of power systems, components and energy storage technologies. The telecom network is currently developing to a multi service information and communication network which integrates data, video and wireless broadband. The integration of a high extends of renewable power generation systems into a telecommunication infrastructure requires new highly efficient power and control technologies. Innovations for new solutions of powering are needed for the Next Generation Network (NGN) systems with components with sustainability, availability and high efficiency and cost effective products and services.

Hamburg is proud to host the INTELEC® 2013 as an old world open trade city, which offers the harbour and many other attractions as the Fishmarket, the Hafen City, a wide selection of museums and galleries and a music hall.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hamburg, Germany in October 2013.

Dr. Volker Schanz
Chairman Organizing Committee


Welcome to Intelec 2013 !

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