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EMLC 2018 - Conference Dinner  

Conference Dinner 

Conference Dinner at the "Bastille" (300m above Grenoble)
on June 19th 07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Restaurant Le Téléferique Grenoble
Tel.: 0033 4 76 25 72 01

From the hilltop, discover the flattest town in France in its mountain setting.
When the sun sets and the lights go down in the city, the view is outstanding.



06.45 pm street car or walk
to the Cable Car Ground Station and Cable Car Transport to the Conference Dinner.

In a few minutes, the famous "bubbles" of Grenoble take you in the air from the
center of the town up to the Bastille Fortress.

After 10:00 pm from the Cable Car Ground Station
induvidual walk or taxi back to your hotel.


Enjoy the evening!


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