EMLC 2018 - Proceedings - Submission of Manuscripts 

Proceedings - Submission of Manuscripts 

Manuscripts for EMLC2018 Proceedings

The manuscripts for the EMLC2018 Proceedings will be published worldwide by the SPIE Digital Library.  

Please observe our writing instructions

Further Details pls find here and below:

  • The manuscript of oral and poster presentations is supposed to have a minimum size of 4 pages and a maximum size of 6 pages.
  • The maximum size of manuscripts for keynote presentations is 10 pages
    and for invited presentations 8 pages.
  • All EMLCC2018 presenters may submit their manuscript via their account at: http://spie.org/myaccount
    • Under "Manage Active Submissions", the author selects the Symposium
       "34th European Mask and Lithography Conference (EML18)".
      The author clicks "Submit Your Manuscript" to start the submission wizard process.
    • EMLC2018 Proceedings manager at SPIE is
      Jenny Woods:

Deadline for Manuscripts: June 29th, 2018            

Please note: Late submissions may not be published.


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