Oral Presentations Tuesday 

ESREF 2014 


------ Keynotes ------

Organic photovoltaic stability: Designed to last
Jan Gilot, Ronn Andriessen
Solliance/Holst Centre, Netherlands

OLEDs quality and reliability
Volker van Elsbergen
Philips Research, Aachen, Germany

------ Quality and Reliability Assessment - Techniques and Methods for Devices and Systems ------

Robustness Validation - A Physics of Failure Based Approach to Qualification
Werner Kanert
Infineon, Germany

A design tool to study the impact of mission-profile on the reliability of SiC-based PV-inverter devices
Nicolae Cristian Sintamarean1, Huai Wang1, Frede Blaabjerg1, Peter De Place Rimmen2
1 Aalborg University, Denmark; 2 Danfoss Power Electronics A/S, Denmark

Copper wire interconnect reliability evaluation using in-situ HTSL tests
Amar Mavinkurve, Leon Goumans, Orla O'Halloran, Rene Rongen, Mark-Luke Farrugia
NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands

Robust Electromigration Reliability Through Engineering Optimization
Wee Loon Ng1, Kheng Chok Tee1, Junfeng Liu1, Yong Chiang Ee1, Oliver Aubel2, Chuan Seng Tan3, Kin Leong Pey4
1 GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Singapore; 2 GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Germany; 3 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; 4 Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Empirical BEOL-TDDB evaluation based on I(t)-trace analysis
Oliver Aubel1, Armand Beyer1, Georg Talut1, Martin Gall2
1 GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Germany; 2 Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany

As-grown donor-like traps in low-k dielectrics and their impact on intrinsic TDDB reliability
Baojun Tang1, Kristof Croes1, Yohan Barbarin1, Yunqi Wang2, Robin Degraeve1, Yunlong Li1, Maria Toledano-Luque1, Thomas Kauerauf1, Juergen Bommels1, Zsolt Tokei1, Ingrid De Wolf1
1 IMEC, Belgium; 2 University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Physics-of-Failure Assessment Methodology for Power Electronic Systems
David Squiller1, Hannes Greve1, Patrick McCluskey1, Elena Mengotti2
1 The University of Maryland, College Park, United States; 2 ABB Switzerland Ltd., Corporate Research, Switzerland

Influence of dicing damages on the thermo-mechanical reliability of bare-chip assemblies
Matthias Steiert, Jürgen Wilde
University of Freiburg, Germany

Study of EM void nucleation and mechanic relaxation effects
Giulio Marti1, Lucile Arnaud1, Yves Wouters2
1 STMicroelectronics, France; 2 SIMAP, France

Assessment methodology of the lateral migration component in data retention of 3D SONOS memories
Lifang Liu
IMEC, Belgium

Power Grid Redundant Path Contribution in System on Chip (SoC) Robustness against Electromigration
Boukary Ouattara1, Lise Doyen1, David Ney1, Habib Mehrez2, Pirouz Bazargan-Sabet2
1 STMicroelectronics, France; 2 Laboratory of Computer Sciences, France

Single-parameter model for the post-breakdown conduction characteristics of HoTiOx-based MIM capacitors
Enrique Miranda
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Impact of local structural and electrical property of grain boundaries in polycrystalline HfO2 on reliability of SiOx interfacial layer
Shubhakar Kalya1, Kin Leong Pey1, Raghavan Nagarajan1, Michel Bosman2, Sunil Singh Kushvaha2, Zhongrui Wang3, Sean Joseph O'Shea2
1 SUTD, Singapore; 2 IMRE, Singapore; 3 NTU, Singapore

Accelerated Degradation data of SiC MOSFETs for Lifetime and Remaining Useful Life Assessment
Thomas Santini1, Sébastien Morand1, Mitra Fouladirad2, Luong-Viêt Phung3, Florent Miller1, Bruno Foucher1, Antoine Grall2, Bruno Allard3
1 Airbus Group Innovations, France; 2 Université de Technologie de Troyes, France; 3 Laboratoire Ampère, France

Degradation Behaviour in Upstream/ Downstream Via Test Structures
Jörg Kludt1, Kirsten Weide-Zaage1, Markus Ackermann2, Verena Hein2, Christian Kovács2
1 Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany; 2 X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Germany

------ Focused Ion Beam and European FIB User Group ------

Precise nanofabrication with multiple ion beams for advanced circuit edit
Huimeng Wu, David Ferranti, Lewis Stern
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC, United States

Advanced FIB sample preparation techniques for high resolution TEM investigations of HEMT device structures
Michél Simon-Najasek1, Frank Altmann1, Susanne Hübner1, Andreas Graff1, Helmut Jung2
1 Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM, Germany; 2 United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH, Germany

Local thickness and composition analysis of TEM lamellas in the FIB
Christian Lang1, Matthew Hiscock1, Cheryl Hartfield2, Michael Dawson2
1 Oxford Instruments, United Kingdom; 2 Oxford Instruments, United States

Efficient and flexible Focused Ion Beam micromachining of Solid Immersion Lenses in various bulk semiconductor materials - an adaptive calibration algorithm
Philipp Scholz1, Norbert Herfurth1, Michael Sadowski1, Ted Lundquist2, Uwe Kerst1, Christian Boit1
1 Technische Universität Berlin, Germany; 2 DCG Systems, United States

Focused ion beam contact to non-volatile memory cells
Clemens Helfmeier1, Rudolf Schlangen2, Christian Boit1
1 Technische Universität Berlin, Germany; 2 Nvidia, United States

------ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms of Organic Devices ------

Massive scale OPV manufacture
Frederik C. Krebs
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Transparent conductive gas diffusion barriers
Andreas Behrendt, Christian Friedenberger, Tobias Gahlmann, Sara Trost, Andreas Polywka, Patrick Görrn, Thomas Riedl
University of Wuppertal, Germany

Comprehensive analysis of the efficiency roll-off in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes
Sebastian Wehrmeister
University of Augsburg, Germany

Investigating UV Stability of Polyfluorene Triarlyamine-based Blue Light-emitting Copolymers
Nathan Chander1, Michael Cass2, Ji-Seon Kim1
1 Imperial College London, United Kingdom; 2 Cambridge Display Technology, United Kingdom

Temporal phenomena in organic field-effect transistors through Kelvin-Probe Force Microscopy
Christian Melzer1, Christopher Siol2, Heinz von Seggern2
1 Universität Heidelberg, Germany; 2 Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Neutron Radiation Tolerance of Organic Field Effect Transitors
Giuseppe Paterno1, Valentina Robbiano1, Victoria Garcia Sakai2, Franco Cacialli1
1 University College London, United Kingdom; 2 ISIS-Neutron and Muon Source, United Kingdom

Stress-Induced Degradation of p- and n-type Organic Thin-Film-Transistors in the ON and OFF States
Nicola Wrachien1, Andrea Cester1, Gaudenzio Meneghesso1, Riccardo D'Alpaos2, Andrea Stefani2, Guido Turatti2, Michele Muccini3
1 University of Padova, Italy; 2 ETC, Italy; 3 CNR and ETC, Italy

Hybrid VCSEL and DFB organic microlasers
Tim Wagner, Andreas Mischok, Markas Sudzius, Robert Brueckner, Vadim G. Lyssenko, Hartmut Froeb, Karl Leo
Institut fuer Angewandte Photophysik, TU Dresden, Germany

------ Power Devices Reliability ------

Prediction of Supercapacitors Floating Ageing with Surface Electrode Interface based Ageing Law
Ronan German1, Ali Sari1, Pascal Venet1, Mohamed Ayadi2, Olivier Briat3, Jean-Michel Vinassa3
1 Université Lyon , France; 2 IFSTTAR Satory, France; 3 Université de Bordeaux, France

Eliminate Infant Mortality in Metallized Film Capacitors by defect detection
Patrick McCluskey, Nga Man Li
University of Maryland, United States

Metallized film capacitors ageing law based on capacitance degradation
Maawad Makdessi, Ali Sari, Pascal Venet
Université Lyon 1, France

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