ESREF 2016 


CAM / EUFANET- Industry Workshop
The CAM / EUFANET- industry workshop (Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 09:30 – 18:10) will focus on the important topic of automotive electronics from the system perspective. Future challenges arising from autonomous driving and the increased market performance of electric cars will be highlighted. Presentations this year include talks from car OEMs and leading component and system suppliers.

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Focused Ion Beam  is one of the key preparation techniques for failure analysis at microelectronic and microsystem devices. There are multiple applications e.g. for defect screening and site specific preparation on integrated circuits and packaged devices, circuit edit, mask repair and many more. EFUG Workshop (Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 15:10-18:10) will provide a platform to exchange new information and practical experiences regarding the following Topics:

  • New instruments : HIM, Plasma-FIB, Laser preparation Tools
  • Efficient preparation workflows : automated TEM preparation, Plasma-FIB, Laser milling, Atom probe sample preparation
  • Circuit edit : application procedures, new gas chemistries
  • Nanoprobing
  • Process monitoring for wafer manufacturing, in-line FIB and wafer return
  • Failure analysis case studies : Si devices, wide bandgap, solar cells

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Student Research Speed Dating
Wednesday, September 21, from 08:30-09:50 in Room Fraunhofer

Come and meet the talents of tomorrow! Selected PhD and Masters‘ students will present their work on reliability and failure analysis on electronics.

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